Gran Turismo


Adventure / Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 8.032 10 1262

based on true storyracingbased on video gameduringcreditsstinger


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August 09, 2023, Wed at 01:55 AM



Archie Madekwe as Jann Mardenborough
David Harbour as Jack Salter
Orlando Bloom as Danny Moore
Djimon Hounsou as Steve Mardenborough
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scherbakovx 8 / 10

Reviewed on August 18, 2023, Fri at 12:31 PM

Movie is really good, but there is one obvious flaw and one important condition: Flaw: you'll have to endure every scene about Jann's relationships. With the parents it's just very predictable — just try to imagine, they didn't believe in him and persuaded to drop his dreams and find proper job. Of course, you know what will happen in the end. Okay, relationships with parents are always important, but WHY DID THEY ADD SCENES WITH THE GIRLFRIEND? Thanks for showing Tokyo during their weekend there, but I still can't understand the reason to add her in the first place — they didn't have conflicts, interesting dialogues or even support, really. I'm sure creators could invest time to more interesting and important topics. But anyway, this flaw disappears in the shadow of other, actually important stuff. Racing. So yeah, let's return to the condition: you have to love it when cars go BRRRRR. The main reason behind this movie is to sell you GT7 for your PS5, and believe me, after leaving the cinema, you'll at least check if there are any discounts for the game right now (yes, there are). Sound, shooting angles, tension during races — everything works perfectly and beyond! Just when you become bored, you'll be in for a surprise. When you want a new angle, you'll get it. When you forget who the sponsor of the movie is, you'll see graphics from the video game. So, just believe me, if you love races, you have to go to the movie right now. Just select cinema with quality sound, please :) And as a bonus, you'll get David Harbour, who's stealing absolutely every scene. Love him!

Reviewed by Geronimo1967 7 / 10

Reviewed on August 25, 2023, Fri at 08:32 AM

Archie Madekwe is quite good here as the gamer Jann Mardenborough who entered a competition devised by Nissan marketing man Danny Moore (Orlando Bloom) to raise the profile of their sports cars in a league usually dominated by the likes of Porsche and Ferrari etc. There's a great degree of cynicism from the high-pressure, high-octane, industry that these glorified couch potatoes could ever make the grade, but with the help of slightly jaded but experienced coach Jack Salter (David Harbour) they decide to push these youngsters to their limits. What now ensues is based on fact, so we have little jeopardy to the ultimate denouement. That said, though, Neill Blomkamp manages to build the momentum well with some excellent action photography to get the adrenalin pumping. Neither Bloom nor Harbour are really here nor there, but the young Madekwe does manage to exude some of the grit and determination of his ambitious, fiercely competitive, and dedicated persona and it's been quite a while since I heard the dulcets of Enya emanate from a big screen. It does take a little while to get out of neutral - maybe just a bit too much familial scene setting to justify the fees of Geri Horner and Djimon Hounsou but once we escape that, the thing picks up entreatingly and is quite a thrill a times to watch. Definitely better on a big screen.

Reviewed by v0lk4n 4 / 10

Reviewed on September 28, 2023, Thu at 08:42 PM

**Wrong in so many levels.** Big fan of the game since PS1 till that day. Trailer gave me no thrills so i was expecting nothing but no! Way worse than trailer. Guys ! Even GT (is a half-sim) has some reality way more than this. For starters Whats with the Hungaroring? Silverstone Academy is reverse Hungaroring, Le Mans (La Sarthe) is regular Hungaroring.... In racing there is no wiggly helmets; cars don't explodes, engines do, there are no spotters except ovals!; track races have qualies, you don't start in the middle of nowhere; you dont pass your opponent with down shifts and sudden throttle; GT3 cars are fast as any car on straights; Le Mans 24H doesn't finish at the last lap; it finishes at the end of 24 hours + 1 lap; Nurburgring is 20.83 km and if you crash in the middle of it nobody waves yellow flags in start-finish straight. I could have add more but i am already bored. Good soundtrack, good cinematography, well blended CGI but no soul and no technical aspect. I don't even know how Yamauchi San gave his blessing to this as himself a real deal racing driver. Lastly this film is the second DRIVEN disaster IMO.(4/10)


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