Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 14

based on novel or bookboston, massachusettsfemale protagonist1960s


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Thomasin McKenzie as Eileen Dunlop
Anne Hathaway as Rebecca Saint John
Shea Whigham as Father Dunlop
Marin Ireland as Rita Polk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Geronimo1967 6 / 10

Reviewed on December 02, 2023, Sat at 10:56 AM

Thomasin McKenzie is quite good as the eponymous, rather timid, prison secretary who lives a rather pedestrian life watching the couples make out in the car-park, or fantasising about a quickie with one of her colleagues, before returning home to her retired cop/dipso father replete with two bottles! The arrival of new psychologist "Rebecca" (Anne Hathaway) injects a little life into her dull routine. This assertive sophisticate takes an interest in "Eileen", they go for a drink - there's even some flirting - before "Rebecca" shares a secret with her new friend that involves a young man in prison accused of the brutal murder of his father, and of just what his mother might know of the crime and it's causes. The first hour is quite intriguing but that sense of anticipation is let down by a last half hour that is really quite undercooked and the denouement, well that is just incomplete - on just about every level. The acting and writing is fine - nothing more, but I left the screening thinking that something was missing. What exactly was the point here? It's a good looking film - effort has certainly gone into the aesthetic but I'm not sure I'm really any the wiser.


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